Electropoetry Ensemble - Talizmany
Electropoetry is a marriage of electronic contemporary music and sung poetry.

Talismans is a music-and-poetry project presenting 10 poems by five Polish women poets. The poems have been interpreted by a vocal trio comprising soprano, alto and baritone, and juxtaposed with contemporary electronic music enriched with a classical wind quintet, violin and a jazzy rhythm section.

The poems' authors include Janina Brzostowska, Urszula Kozioł, Ewa Lipska, Adriana Szymańska and Wisława Szymborska. Five women poets - Janina, Urszula, Ewa, Adriana and Wisława - take us on a trip through an existential labyrinth of words, feelings and uncertain choices. The lost wanderer's tender conscience is to help him find the right way. And if such a way exists, do we choose it because we search for truth?

Love, pain, joy and silence accompany the stubborn traveller. Sometimes they help him notice a thread of hope, mostly just sustaining his metaphysical anxiety, surrounded by the cool night's indifference in the labyrinth's stone walls. But even when groping his way in the dark, the wanderer listens to and feels the rhythm pulsating in his veins, in his imagination, 'naked girls keep dancing' and the 'prince of transience' envelops him with a 'coat of blue' to protect him against icy indifference. And so, led by a genuine passion for life, he has a chance to reach even the very centre of the labyrinth.

When embarking on a path that everyone is destined to thread anyway, let's take the five poets' poems - the travel talismans - with us. Perhaps they will at least protect our tender conscience.

Concept, compositions serving as a starting point and production: Janusz Lipiński Arrangements and band leadership: Jarosław Kordaczuk Music performed by The Electropoetry Ensemble.

The project is presented as a package comprising a CD with recorded music, a DVD with video visualisations counterpointing the music and serving as a starting point for an onstage live version, and a book, which in itself is a visual commentary/supplement/guide to the music and video.